Extended Training - "Deep Water"

The extended training is designed to deepen the ability to bring compassion and to hold a space when doing work with groups and individuals. We hope that this training will help us take responsibility for our fate and the destiny of our personalities, to accept upon ourselves to treat the deepest and most complex details of our soul. 

Understanding that real change starts from within, we will try to get into the depth of this story called “I”, to discover the “little I”s who live within us, to distinguish between them and to learn to notice when any of them wakes up within us. Working with individuals and groups in a space requires an ever-clearer channel, which means that we need to not only be aware of our little “I”s and their effects on us, but be able to be free of those effects while working with others.

Carol's Message about the Training

When we feel a deep inner resonance to a spiritual path we sometimes wonder “Is this something I am called to share?” The exploration of this question can lead us into deepening our personal understanding and practice and, perhaps, into a new turn in our life’s path.

An integrative approach to the transformation of human potential, the 4th Way requires long, disciplined study by those called to serve as vessels of transmitting this wisdom by sharing it in different ways with the people they meet and work with. We must continually develop our own potential in each of the three centers — Intellectual, Emotional and Physical – while sharing, observing and affecting our fellow travelers’ paths with their unique combinations of strengths and challenges. Working with and for others as we work on ourselves can lead to the presence necessary to share the 4th Way ideas and practices with compassion.

The objective of the deeper training following the Movements Intensive is to begin or resume this personal and shared exploration. It requires a commitment to deep confidentiality and a willingness to probe for and then push at the leading edges of your own Work with 4th Way concepts, emotional literacy, and physical practices to increase attention and presence. My hope is that it will lead to a growing group of individuals working with me over the coming years to become the next generation of Akhaldans practitioners, some of whom might also become facilitators.

What's in the training? And on a more personal note....

The Movements are a vehicle for the teachings of the 4th Way which focus on attention, awareness, integration and compassion. I will use them as well as other tools from TA, energy work and Sufi teaching to begin the impossible task of helping sincere seekers who want to serve to actually acquire the ability to hold a space with compassion and intent and, ultimately to transmit deeper levels of themselves to a group or an individual. 

Akash spent many intensive hours attempting this, trying method after method, giving and giving and showing and showing. I still don’t know why she didn’t give up with us. Well, I’m starting to understand. I have begun my own impossible journey here at Whidbey Akhaldans and will continue in both Portugal and Israel.

 Going Deeper to Better Serve…

Prerequisites for the Training

  1. Attendance at the main 5-day retreat. Carol will use that retreat to begin the training.
  2. An interview with Carol before the main retreat. By phone, WhatsApp, any other format.
  3. A sincere wish to transform yourself and, in so doing, to gain experience that others might benefit from.
  4. An understanding that this training will NOT provide any certificate or license to teach. It will begin a process that you will use to determine if and when you are ready to share and in what way.


When registering for the 5-day retreat, check the box “I would like to participate in the two extended training days 20-21/10/2019”. We will connect you with Carol to set up an interview.

! Please bare in mind that the participation in the extended retreat is subject to the above requirements. Only after completing your personal interview with Carol can you know for sure about your participation in the extended training and make your plans accordingly.

Location: Kibbutz Tuval, exactly the same location of the retreat. The extended training is back to back with the retreat.
Prices: 970₪ additional to the retreat price, food included. The price of accommodation will be added on top of that, according to the same prices of the retreat.

Accommodation Prices per Person per night (in addition to the price of the retreat)

  • Accommodation in a shared room (2 per room) – 220₪ per person per night.
  • Accommodation in a private room – 440₪ per person per night.
  • Accommodation in a common hall on a mattress – 80₪ per person per night (limited numbers – including mattress and a pillow, shared showers).
  • Accommodation in your own tent – 40₪ per person per night (shared showers, limited number of mattresses).

For further questions and inquiries, please contact us

Hava: hava@4th-way.com, Phone / Whatsapp: +972-54-4875985
Raaya: wayapenguin@gmail.com, Whatsapp: +972-58-4142857