Terms & Conditions

By submitting my registration online and/or paying the online deposit to any of the “Fourth Way Retreat” activities (hereinafter: “the Activity”) held in Israel in 2020, the attendee (hereinafter: “they”, “the attendee”, “the participant”) declares with their participation in the Activity conditioned, that:

  1. They have been explained and understood that the Activity involves practice of instructed movement by music (dancing) in a mixed group for the purpose of evoking various minded feelings and emotions and may also include physical contact between its participants.
  2.  Their physical and mental health are normal and the attendee suffers no physical or mental illness, condition or impairment (including, but not only: heart conditions, dizziness, respiratory problems, mobility limitations or disorders, joints ailments, neurological ailments, chronic illness, mental disorders and/or pregnancy) which could or may prohibit, limit or anyway affect my participation in the Activity.
  3. They assume all risks and take upon themselves complete and full responsibility for all outcomes of any kind of their participation in the Activity, in its entirety or in any part thereof and exempt the Activity’s organizers, instructors, producers, managers, participants and the Activity’s venue owners and operators as well as anyone action on their behalf, from responsibility and liability of any kind, for any physical and/or mental and/or damage, inclusive of aggravation of any prior condition, they shall sustain (if, heavens forbid, they do sustain) as result and/or in connection with their participation in the Activity and/or any action and/or omission of the organizers, unless intestinally inflicted upon them. Without derogating from the former, they also irrecoverably and completely waive, on behalf of themselves and anyone in their place (including heirs, successors and dependents), if any claim and/or demand which they may have and/or become entitled to in connection with their participation in the Activity.
  4. They undertake to abide and comply with the instructions of the organizers and instructors of the Activity and immediately update them of any substantial change in their physical and/or mental situation which may affect their continuance safe participation in the Activity. The participant knows that the organizers reserve the right to terminate their participation in the Activity at any time, upon their sole discretion and waive any claim the attendee may have in relation of that.
  5. They know that the Activity and the participants thereof will be photographed (still photography and video) by a photographer on behalf of the organizers for the purpose of promoting and marketing similar activities in the future and may be used in third party applications and for commercial purposes. The attendee is responsible for informing the organizers and the photographer if they do not wish to appear in such photographs or videos.
  6. They acknowledge that the online deposit they paid for registering to the retreat is non-refundable and the attendee is responsible for informing the organizers of any cancellations or change of travel plans well in advance. They also acknowledge that any cancellation less than 2 weeks prior to the Activity start date, for whatever the reason, will be subject to payment of 50% of the retreat price including all extras such as food and accommodation.
  7. I know and agree that for cancellation after 21/9/2020, for any reason, I will be charged for 50% of the cost of the activity (including food and lodging), that will be charged from the credit card that I provided when registering.